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Bouldering Castril Granada Spain


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Tubos V1 Problem

Coral boulders Sierra de Castril


Bouldering in the Castril area is developing well. There are now 3 good locations offering a wide variety of problems of all grades except the extreme ones, which with ability there would be many.

Coral Boulders are located about 7 km from Cortijo Sierra Castril and offer lots of problems on unique coral like rock. Only a few of the boulders have been developed, with huge scope for those with strong and tough fingers. The location is next to the Rio Castril surrounded by the towering mountains of the Natural park.

Tubos Boulder is 1.5 km from our accommodation and offers a good overhanging wall. Lots of potential for the imaginative. 4 problems have been done so far. Located in pleasant olive and almond groves with great views over the local hills and crags.

Collados Boulders are located about 20 km from Castril. They are in a spectacular setting. with wide ranging views. There are four main boulders, with 2 being reasonably well developed and the other two awaiting those with the ability to develop them.

Click here for a topo of Collados Boulders