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Granada is one of Spain's most beautiful cities, offering great architecture, wonderful views of the Sierra Nevada and a lively cosmopolitan atmosphere.

It's character is influenced by the Moors who first occupied the city in the 8th century. From the 1238 until 1492 the Nasrid dynasty ruled the city. This was a time of great growth with many artisans, merchants,scholars and scientists contributing to the cities reputation as a centre for culture.

In 1492 the Christians to over power in Granada and continued it's development, where it blossomed in Renaissance splendour . There was a decline in Granada's development in the 19th century, but recent renewed interest has seen many parts restored to their past magnificence.

Things to see

Alhambra and Generalife

This magnificant piece of Architecture was built when the Nasrid dynasty rules Granada.Through this building they created thier idea of paradise on earth. Working with only simple materials craftsmen constucted a building that is stunning.

To the north of the Alhambra is the Generalife(garden of lofty paradise), the country estate of the Nasrid kings.Here the kings could enjoy life above the city and closer to heaven.


The gardens were begun in the 13 century and have undergone continued development and modification to their present state.


Work on the cathederal began in 1523, with plans in a gothic style. Diago de Siloe the Capilla Mayor. The windows below the dome are of Camo's ' The Passion'.

Around the cathedral there is a labarynth of narrow streets. Within these streets can be found the moorish bazaar of Alcaiceria.