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History of Castril

The history of Castril dates back beyond Roman times, however there is evidence of the Roman occupation in the road systems in the area with the straight and raised roads leading over the Altiplano and down towards the coast.

History of CastrilIn Roman times Castril was an enclosed town and during the Almohad times became a castle and was renamed Qastalla.

Between 1319 and 1489, Moors and Christians swapped control of Castril many times, until eventually it rested in the hands of the catholics. In 1490 the Zafra family acquired the feudal estate of Castril and were given royal permission to repopulate the area, thus creating the town of Castril. The Castle on the rock and few houses next to it's walls were surrounded by new buildings to give us the Castril of today,

Due to the excellent preservation of the town centre Castril was declared a site of historical and artistic importance in 1982.