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The Sierra Castril is a relatively undiscovered and untouched fantastic mountain area to the north-east of Granada. It is adjacent to the better known Sierra Cazorla and along with this area makes the largest natural park in Europe.

The Sierra Castril Natural Park is to the South East of the Cazorla,Segura and Las Villas Natural park. It is a landscape carved by canyons, waterfalls, numerous peaks,grottos and galleries.It rises to an altitude of over 2000 m and due to it's rugged nature and climate give rise to ideal conditions for a wide and diverse flora and fauna.

CastrilCastril is a typical small Granadian town with stepped houses and steep streets. The centre of Castril is noted for the homogenous nature of it's houses which are very much in harmony with the natural environment. They are not very tall, with white closed facades and both woodwork and arabic tiling are extensively used. The area is dedicated to agriculture, with the many olive and almond groves as well as large sheep farming community. It has a number of bars, restaurants,supermarkets and banks. It is the main market town for this region and is developing as a mountain tourist destination


The countryside contrasts to the North South East and West .

North of Castril it is limestone scenery with craggy mountains, deep canyons, caves and steep sided valleys.

East of Castril is the Altiplano, an area of flat land given over to arable farming.

South and west of Castril the scenery is a mixture of olive and almond groves leading down to wild moonscape desert scenery.

There is a huge variety of flora and fauna. Eagles,Vultures, woodpeckers, hoopoes, vivid blue rollers & multi-coloured bee-eaters abound,along with Wild Boars, Mountain Goats and fantastic flowers. In spring our olive grove is full of many different species of poppy. The wild flowers also attract a large range of exotic looking butterflies.

Granada is within a 90 min drive and is well worth a visit, especially the Alhambra. We can organise the purchase of tickets to visit this if you give us advanced notice.

Within visiting distance is the city of Baeza,which is rich in renaissance

For the spaghetti Western fans, two wild west towns lie to the south near the town of Tarbenas.

The climate is continental, with long hot summers and cold winters. Snow is not uncommon, particularly in the mountains. However the sun shines most days and humidity and rainfall are generally low throughout the year. The average maximum temperature in January is around 11C, but drops below freezing at night. In July the average maximum is in the mid 30'sC, but the dry climate makes that temperature much more bearable than it would be in the UK, or on the coast. The evenings stay warm so it is possible to sit out well after dark, but in the early hours the temperature falls, unlike the coast, allowing sleep

More information about castril is available from the townhall website. At the moment it is all in spanish but soon the other languages will be active.

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