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Environmental Policy

We aim to use good practise to minimise our impact on the environment locally as well as globally

Our accommodation was renovated in 2005. All materials for this work were sourced locally, with one of our houses being virtually built using materilas from the fields around..

The main heating is provided by wood burning stoves. All our fire wood is sustainable as it is prunings from ours and local olive and almond trees. None of our firewood comes from felled trees.

Electricity: The vast majority of light fittings use low energy bulbs and all water is heated by modern gas water heaters on demand. We do not have wasteful air-conditioning in the properties, but use fans and the natural thermal properties of the house.

Water: Through out much of Spain water conservation is important. We don't have a swimming pool and recommend use of the local public pools and the local lake, both of which are within walking distance. All bathrooms have showers available and toilets are fitted with low water use cisterns. The water in the area comes from a local sustainable source in the Sierra de Castril. Much of our grey water is used to irrigate some of our trees.

We print few brochures, instead nearly all our promotion is by the internet.

Detailed information is provided on utilising local shops and restaurants as well as all the "traveling shops" that arrive in Puentezuela very day selling local bread and foodstuffs, thus helping the local economy in an area of relatively high unemployment.

Our location was choosen specifically so as to minimise the use of vehicles.

We provide information on local walks, bike rides and climbs that don't require the use of cars.

Recycling is actively encouraged. We ask people to leave this for us to manage if they don't have time. Paper, card, tins, plastic bottles, tetra bricks, glass are all recycled.

We encourage the use of the local municple facilities - for example there are a number of local swimming pools and hot springs used by our guests

We aim to educate guests about the surrounding habitat by providing information on the local fauna and flora.