Flora and Fauna in the Sierra de Castril Spain

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Flora and Fauna of Castril

The Sierra de Castril is a landscape carved by canyons, waterfalls,numerous peaks,grottos and Galleries. The mountains can get up to 700mm of precipitation a year, giving a good humidity in the valleys and canyons. This humidity linked to the difficult terrain give ideal conditions for the development of plant and animal life.

Animal life

The rugged landscape in this area has meant that it has not been highly visited by people leading to a rich diverse animal and bird population.

Spanish Mountain Goats can readily be seen in the mountains living amongst the rocky and craggy terrain.Also in the mountain a similar animal called the Moufflon can be found. Fallow Deer, Wild Boar, Lynx, Wild Cats and Weasels also inhabit the mountainous areas.The valleys and rivers are home for Trout , Otters and Martins. There is also an abundance of reptiles scuttling about amongst the rocks.

There is an abundance of bird life in the area. The mountains and Altiplano attract a wide variety of raptors, both resident and migratory. The Griffon Vulture finds it's most southerly home on the Iberian peninsula here in these mountains and is easy to spot gliding on thermals above the valleys and crags. Golden Eagles, Peregrine Falcons Black Kites, Bonelli's Eagles and many Buzzards can be seen roaming above the crags, valleys and Olive groves.

Plant Life

There is a huge diverse plant life in the area surrounding Sierra de Castril. In April and May the hillsides and Olive groves are covered in a wide variety of flowers.Many varieties of Poppy dominate, along with Wild Gladioli's,Convolvulus, Lavender, Crown Daisy and Italian Sainfoin. Higher up into the mountains Pine , Holm and Gall Oaks dominated with Maple found in the damper canyons and valleys. Commom Juniper and Rosemary grow readily in the mountains.

Black Kite Flora and Fauna of Castril
Golden Eagle Flora and Fauna of Castril
MoufflonFlora and Fauna of Castril
Mountain Goats Flora and Fauna of Castril