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Things to do in the Sierra de Castril Spain

The Sierra Castril is a great place to unwind and explore. The grounds of Cortijo Sierra Castril are perfect for those who are seeking tranquility away from the fast pace of the modern world. It is the perfect place to relax with a good book, or take in the great views whilst watching eagles drift by overhead.

Away from Cortijo Sierra Castril, for those that want to relax under the Andalucian Sunshine, there are numerous places to swim and picnic close by. Including swimming pools, lakes and rivers.

Explore the nearby towns, with their numerous restaurants, cafes, bars and markets.

For those seeking a more active time, there is great walking surrounding Cortijo Sierra Castril as well as opportunities for fishing, rock climbing, cycling , mountain biking, canyoning and caving .

We can advise and give details about the best locations for these activities.

Swimming pool Castril

There are a number of swimming pools close by. The nearest is in Castril, about 1.5 km walk down from Cortijo Sierra Castril. It is open all summer and costs approximate€ 2 for entry for the day.

There is also a large man made lagoon at nearby Los Olivares. This is similar to the lido's found in the UK.

A little further away is the warm lagoon waters near Orce and the thermal springs at Zujar which are said to have healing powers.

Swimming lake Castril

The area has a number of lakes that many use for swimming and recreation.

Embalse Portillo is the local lake of Castril and is popular for canoeing, picnicking and swimming.

The nearby Embalse Bolera is another popular lake for canoeing, swimming and picnicking. It also has some interesting jumps into the water. There is also a nice restaurant/ bar situated here

Rock climbing castril spain

Rock Climbing is a developing past time in Castril.

There are many crags and boulders in the area. The local bolted crag has a 4 routes in the 5+ to 6a grade with a couple of unbolted routes of about VS and one route of around 6c+.
We have been developing the bouldering locally with lots still to explore.
Click here to view our Topo's
Click here to view the climbing photo gallery

Walking hiking castril southern spain

Walking in the sierra de Castril is very spectacular, and miles away from the crowds. It is rare to meet other walkers even on poular routes. As well as walking in the mountains we have many walks suitable for families. Most of which start and finish at Cortijo Sierra Castril.

Caving Don Ferdinando Spain

Sierra de Castril has many caves being explored at the moment and many to be found.

Cueva Don Fernando is the deepest cave in Granada province at 327 m deep, only 45 min walk from parking. It has many galleries and caverns of outstanding beauty. On the opposite side of the valley is Cueva Fuente Fria which has a huge lake at the bottom that requires a dingy to cross it. These two caves on there own would provide a week of activity for the competent caving group. If that was not enough, near by is PB4, a 3km long cave that requires an overnight camp to reach the end. No more than 20 people have ever been to the end of this cave.

Canyoning in spain There are also many canyons to explore in the area, most in truly amazing situations. Most are multi pitch descents with up to 32 m pitches. Some of the canyons such as Barranco del Buitre are very accessible with only a short walk from vehicle access.The canyons here tend to be quite dry in the summer, however they usually have some water in them , and can be very wet in winter
Canoeing Rio Castril Kayaking is popular in this area both on rivers and lakes.Some rivers such as the Rio Castril only have suffucient water in them over the winter months but can be grade 5 or 6. Where as the Rio Guadiana Menor is canoeable all year at around grade 2/3. It is possible to hire canoes locally for both Embalse Portillo and Embalse Borlera.
Fishing Castril Spain There are a number of places to fish in the area. We can put you in contact with a local company who can arrange for the appropriate licenses and river permission. It is also permitted to fish in some areas of the local lakes. There is also a fish farm locally where you can fish for a small fee.

The Sierra Nevada Ski resort is within reach for a day out from Cortijo Sierra Castril. It is open from 1 December through until around 20 April. There are over 60 pisted runs. Being one of the highest ski resorts in Europe it can have snow even when other resorts are struggling, and can supplement the natural snow with a number of snow making machines.

We are able to arrange transport to the resort and ski lessons on request.

For more information on the ski resort click here

Bird watching sierra de castirl spain

Bird Watching at Sierra Castril offers the opportunity to see a wide variety of birds.It is possible to see many Raptors circling just above the valley. They occur in good variety as residents and as visitors passing through.It is also possible to walk in the mountains and be at eye level with Griffin Vulture, and walk to within 30m of their nests in April.

There are frequent sitings of Golden Eagles,Black Kites,Bonelli's Eagles,Peregrin Falcons and many Buzzards. We have even seen Red Kites over Cortijo Sierra Castril, even though they are not usually visitors to the area.

In the wooded areas it is also possible to catch site of  Woodlark, Cirl Bunting, Nuthatch, Wryneck, woodpeckers, hoopoes, Jays and Azul Magpies.

Herons and Kingfishers are common along the riverbanks