Navigation and mountain craft in the Sierra de Castril Spain

Alojamientoalojamiento, version espanol
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Navigation and mountain craft


Aimed at those who want to develop their hill walking skills, this courses runs in late autumn and early spring. This is mainly a practical course, with knowledge and experience being gained in the walking environment. The hills and mountains around Castril offer a great and varied environment for developing hill walking skills and experience as well as spectacular countryside to walk in. Based at Cortijo Sierra Castril, the course is self catering, and runs from Saturday to Saturday, local transport is included and airport transfers are available. Cortijo Sierra Castril is an ideal base for this type of activity as it is in the heart of wonderful walking country.


Outline of course contents

  • Map reading
    Map scales, signs symbols, topographical features and relief.
    Grid reference, measuring distance, calculating speed over varying ground.
    Orientating a map without a compass.
    Navigating with a map but no compass.
  • Compass work
    Grid and magnetic bearings.
    Plotting compass courses from the ground and map.
    Position fixing using back bearings (resection)
    Navigating with a map and compass.
    Relevance and use of technology: gps, altimeters
  • Route planning
    Choice of route
    Planning route with: bearings, distances, estimated time, bad weather alternatives.
    Emergency aid, mountain shelters, contact procedures.
  • Equipment
    Personal equipment, clothing, hill food, hydration,
    Camping equipment,camp craft.
  • Moving through mountainous country
    Steep ground, simple rope techniques, moving on loose ground.
    River crossing
    Mountain hazards, hypothermia, heat exhaustion, dehydration, environmental hazards, lightning.
  • Weather
    Information sources, weather charts, cloud formations, use of barometer
  • Environmental awareness
    Access and access agreements
    Awareness of other users: forestry, hunting ect