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Our mountain bike holidays are aimed at all levels and types of mountain biking.

Our selection of routes and trails allow us to cater for all abilities. Our harder routes offer technical riding at a challenging level, we can also offer an uplift service on a for a few trails if arranged in advance.

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We run Introductory mountain bike weeks, in the flatter area of the Andalucian Alti Plano. The terrain on these routes tends not to be difficult and is mainly on good double track . At the other end of the spectrum are our single track weeks, taking on the technically harder and more strenuous routes in the high mountains.
We also run Early season fitness weeks in March and April aimed at those who wish to give their early season fitness a boost in the clean fresh air of the Sierra de Castril. These tend to be very hilly weeks and are strenuous days, but are tailored in length to suit the individual.
Extend you summer riding by visiting Cortijo Sierra Castril in October and November for our Autumn sunshine weeks.

What you will need

Bring your usual cycling kit, including a good helmet. For those riding the technical routes we ask you to wear body armour for knees and elbows. In Autumn and spring the air can be cool air in the higher parts of the Sierra de Castril, so long fingered gloves and a light weight windproof are worth carrying. Because of the clear skies it can be cold at night, so some warm clothes are useful at this time of year. Even in cooler weather the air tends to be dry and clear, meaning that it is easy to become dehydrated and sun burnt. A good hydration system and quality sun cream will solve this problem.

You will need adequate insurance. Which you can get from companies such as SportsCover Direct Insurance

As for bikes. Even the hardest routes have been ridden on hard tails(In fact in the early days at Cortijo Sierra Castril on fully ridgid bikes!!). However a full suspension XC or light free ride bike is best suited for the style of riding found in The Sierra de Castril

If you do not wish to bring your own bike out to Spain, we can supply mountain bikes for hire at a cost of € 15 per day.

Accommodation is at Cortijo Sierra Castril

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